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Guest Book Entries

Below are some of the people who have visited our site and wanted to sign our guest book.

Victor Vo
Fairfax, Virginia, US
I was there with my friend last week. You guys are awesome.

Rudd, IA
Hi we had a great visit and the kids enjoyed the animals.

steven ohland
muscatine, iowa, US
had dog stay at kennels and was overwhelmingly amazed at what a great place this was. owners are so friendly and handle the dogs as if they were their own. i am planning on going out of town with family at Christmas and we have all decided to book our 4 dogs and 1 cat for another stay. thanks again bison ridge!

Andy Garcia
davenport, ia, US
For Lola, I wanted to thank you for taking care of Lola on the 27th, she really does enjoy it there. 

Carlisle Charlton
Muscatine, IA, US
Our English Setter, Buddy, loves coming to Bison Ridge! You take such good care of him, even though he can be a stinker!

Jenn Blohn
Davenport, Iowa, US
We just wanted to say thank you and let everyone know the excellent job that you all do with our two dogs with grooming and boarding. We had to go out of town at the last minute and our puppy was even taken to the vet by you and your staff. Our dogs were groomed today and I have never seen anyone do a better job or have better prices. Simply amazing service!!! Thanks Again!!!!!!!!

Valerie Lynn Johnson
Davenport, Iowa, US
Thank you SOOO much for all your services! I have been able to depend on bringing my cat to your kennel many times and know that he gets really good care during his stay.

11-20-2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Charlotte James
Walcott, IA United States
I really appreciate everything you guys do for us and our pets! Covid hit hard and its so nice to see that you guys are still there to take care of my Lola when I need you! Thanks so much hope to see you all soon!