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7:30am - 11:00am
                      1:00pm - 6:00pm


7:30am - 12pm

5:00pm - 6:00pm


5:00pm - 6:00pm

(Limited drop-off/pickup/tour hours allows us to provide more restful, quite times for our guests)

All pets, large or small, are welcome at Bison Ridge Kennels!

     Here at Bison Ridge Kennels, we offer a wide variety of things for your pets.  Weather you have a new puppy and don't want to leave them home for a few hours while your at work, or you are planning on taking a trip, we will work with you and your pets needs the best we can.  We offer boarding, daycare, and grooming for cats, dogs, and other pets.


Unique Features:

  • Personal residence on site

  • Spacious indoor-outdoor boarding and play facilities

  • Fully air conditioned and radiant in-floor heat

  • Continual music, which helps provide a comfortable atmosphere for your pets

  • Security fenced outdoor exercise area

  • 24 hour monitored security system by ADT

  • Separate cat facility

  • Peaceful rural setting

  • Veterinarian on call 24 hours every day

  • Experienced groomers are on our staff 6 days a week

  • Personal care and attention your pet deserves in a family atmosphere

  • Inspected and licensed



We require Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) to be up to date while boarding.


We require Rabies, and Feline Leukemia to be up to date for boarding.

Misc. Pets

We do not require medical records for birds, small mammals, reptiles, and other exotic pets.

Boarding For Dogs

Bison Ridge Kennels offers both long term and short term boarding.  We have two different types of kennels; an indoor kennel and an indoor/outdoor combo kennel. Our indoor kennel is a 4' x 4' kennel, while our Combos are 4' x 4' indoor kennels with a doggy door that leads to a 4' x 8' outdoor personal run. This run has an overhang to protect from the elements. It doesn't matter which kennel works best for your pet, because all dogs go out a minimum of 5-6 times a day. The time they are outside varies according to weather and your pets wants.

We require proof of rabies, distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) for all boarding dogs.

You will be charged for the day your pet comes in regardless of time.  If you pick up prior to 10:00am Mon - Fri and 12:00pm on Sat, there is no charge for that day.  A minimum stay of two days is required for all holiday bookings.  PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED BEFORE PET IS RELEASED (Unless previous arrangements have been made).  No pet will be released to a person who is not the owner without prior, written authorization.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any further questions you may have.  We want your pets stay with us to be the most enjoyable experience possible.



Indoor Kennels 

Small (under 30 pounds): $14.00/day 

Medium (30-50 pounds): $16.00/day 

Large (51-99 pounds): $17.00/day 

Giant (100+ pounds): $20.00/day

Indoor/Outdoor Combo Kennel

No matter the size of the pet, the combo kennel is $20.00/day 

Multi Pet Kenneling 

Full Price for the largest pet, and 1/2 price for any additional pet in the same kennel

Boarding For Cats

Bison Ridge Kennels offers both long term and short term boarding.  We have a separate cat room with lots of toys and towers.  We have a window for them to bask in the sun, or places to climb and hide.  We do not intermingle the cats, but give ample time to play.  All cats get to come out to play.

Prices for cats is a flat rate of $12.00 per day.


Daycare For Dogs

Our daycare program provides your pet with:

  • Plenty of water and snacks

  • In-floor heat and air conditioned area

  • A resting area that is quiet and comfortable

  • Socialization for mental and physical stimulation

  • A happy, content dog at the end of the day that provides you with a guilt free alternative to leaving your dog alone all day.

We require proof of rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough) for all daycare.


Certified groomers at Bison Ridge Kennels keep dogs and cats looking great! Whether you want your pet to look great, or simply be clean and fresh, our groomer will take care of your pets needs.  We groom Monday-Saturday, by appointment only.

We require proof of rabies, and distemper for all grooming services.

All grooming services are 15% when your pet is boarding with us.


Guest Check-In Paperwork

Our guest check-in paperwork helps us get to know your pet on a personal level and helps provide us with information to better care for your pet.

Bison Ridge Kennels---Kennel Guest Check-in

(Required for First Time reservations, changes, and yearly updates-Please use a separate form for each pet)

Owner's Name:________________________________________________________

Street Address:________________________________________________________

City:_____________________________________ State/Zip:_______________________________________

Phone No:_________________________________

Emergency Phone No:_____________________________

Guest's Name:______________________________

Breed/Breed mix:_________________________________

Sex (M/F):______ Color:________________ Age:______ Weight:________ Neutered/Spayed?_____________


Veterinarian Phone:_______________________________________

Any known ailments/allergies, e.g. shampoos, perfumes, types of food, etc:


Is your pet diabetic?____________________________________

Brand of dog/cat food both dry and/or canned that you fed at home:_________________________

What kind of protein source, e.g. meat, poultry, or grain (lamb & rice, etc.)?___________________

Do you raise the food or water levels higher than the dog's chest level?_______________________

How many times a day do you feed - 2X, or 1X? If 1X, is that am/pm only____________________

How much dry food by cup?_____

Do you mix the kibble with canned food or water, and if so, how much?______________________________________________________

Special Diet?__________ If yes, please provide instructions:_________________________________________________

We do not recommend "free feeding" because we prefer to monitor a dog's/cat's food intake while residing with us.  However, we will do so per your request if this is what you do at home.

Please indicate any medicines or supplements to be dispensed, indicating name, what it's prescribed for, and instructions ($2 per day dispensing fee):__________________________________________________

Tell us about your pet, whatever we should know so that we may provide the best care for him/her:_____________________________________________

Special instructions:______________________________________

Has your dog/cat been kenneled before?______

Were there any behavior/medical concerns that you were aware of? If Yes, please explain:_______________________________________________

For multi pets: Dogs/cats sharing the same run or residing at the same time...

When sharing a run, do they need to be supervised/separated during feeding? (multi-dog/cat discount does not apply if supervision is needed): YES  NO  (To assure your pets safety, we do not recommend multi pet kenneling)

Are there any food possession/toy possession issues?